• The title of Grandmaster is given to all three of these teachers as they have each trained Masters in their own right.
  • These three Grandmasters represent some of the most accomplished Qigong teachers of their time.
Grandmaster Michael Lomax
"Myself on the left, Master Michael Lomax on the right"

Creator of Gift of the Tao Qigong system. Michael Lomax is a level IV teacher of the National Qigong Association (NQA). 


Internationally recognized for his work in Clinical Qigong and Stillness Movement Neigong (Internal Qigong)


Michael has over 35 years Clinical experience treating people with Chinese healing modalities


Michael underwent a 12 year internship of Chinese Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics with Osteopathic Physician and Taoist Master Dr. Vincent Graef.


Studied Clinical Qigong with Qigong Master Wang Juemin at the Baoding Qigong Healing Hospital in Hubei, China. Master Wang Juemin transmitted the teachings of Stillness Movement Neigong to Michael lomax.


Michael Lomax was made Lineage Holder of the Stillness Movement System and was asked to teach this advanced Qigong system here in the west.


Michael developed Gift of the Tao Qigong movements from observing the natural energetics found with the Stillness Movement System.


For more info check out Teacher Michael Lomax's book and website

Grandmaster Wang Juemin
"Michael Lomax on the left, Master Wang Juemin on the right"
"Master Hu Yaozhen"

In the words of Michael Lomax from his book A Light Warrior's Guide to High Level Energy Healing


"I have studied with several powerful men and women, Shaman Healers and Qigong Healers of extraordinary ability. But one teacher stands out above all. He continues to be the single most powerful influence on my life and embodies for me the essence of what humanity should strive toward, the wonderful combination of raw power, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, gentleness, humanitarianism, and ability. His name is Teacher Wang Juemin".


Recognized as a national treasure by the Chinese Government. Wang Juemin was the principle of the Baoding Qigong Healing Hospital in Hubei, China. 


Master Wang Juemin studied with five of the greatest Qigong Masters of his time: Jing Wei Qiao, Liu Jui Zhen, Hu Yaozhen, Chen Yin Ming and Zhou Qian Quan.


Being taught by this many masters was an immense privilege and his willingness to share his vast store of Qigong knowledge with a Westerner, Michael Lomax, was truly remarkable.


Master Wang Juemin's intense love and compassion for humankind shines through the Gift of the Tao movements which are directly linked to the Stillness Movement system he passed onto Michael Lomax.


Grandmaster Hu Yaozhen

Although Master Wang Juemin learned from several Qigong Teachers of great achievement, one is worth re-mentioning, Master Hu Yaozhen.


Hu Yaozhen began studying energy arts from a young age. He came to master many internal martial arts such as Taichi and XingYi as well as becoming greatly known for his Qigong healing abilities.


He founded the very first Qigong healing hospital in Beijing, China. Hu Yaozhen reached such a high level in his practice that he was given the nickname, "Single finger shakes the world".


He actually helped coin the term Qigong and was such an integral part in its modern day development that today Master Hu Yaozhen is deemed "The father of modern Qigong".


One of the last things Hu Yaozhen ever did was the creation of Stillness Movement Neigong which he considered to be the crown jewel of his achievements.


This powerful form of Neigong was passed down to Master Wang Juemin, eventually making its way to the west with Michael Lomax.