Gift of the Tao Qigong Testimonials

"I've studied a number of qigong styles and lineages - including Michael Winn, Francesco Garripoli, and Yang Jwing-Ming - and all of them were great to study, yet as a fledgling energy worker myself, they didn't feel complete to me. However, when Ben taught me this style of qigong movements called "Gift of the Tao," it took my qigong practice over the top, and then some. Most styles focus mainly on coordinating the breath with movements for proper gathering and circulation of energy. But with Gift of the Tao qigong, Ben teaches to work with the energy directly and let the energetics circulate naturally which is very much in line with the true Taoist principles of "uncontrived action" and spontaneity. This made all the difference because I feel more energetic in my personal life, my acupuncture practice, and my energywork practice. As an instructor, I feel that Ben communicates very well, and makes seemingly complex movements easy to understand. Ben is an amazing teacher and very knowledgeable of his lineage, but mostly, he's a wonderful person, compassionate and easy going. Well on his way to being a master at such a young age, I expect that he will be contributing great things in the world of natural healing."



"As an interfaith college chaplain, I hosted a college Qigong workshop lead by Ben, which was attended by over 50 students. I have personally practiced Tai Chi and Yoga for decades, so I was delighted and impressed to find how effective the series of movement meditations were. I could truly feel the energy while going through the motions. My own chronic neck and back pain was definitely relieved as the healing energy flowed through my body. After that one movement session of Gift of the Tao Qigong my back pain subsided enough so that I was able to sleep comfortably for a full nights rest, something I have not been able to do for a long time! Ben is a passionate and gifted teacher of this unique form of Qigong."



"Ben Rosen is an exceptional guide and teacher of the Gift of the Tao Qigong. Ben relays information throughout the practice for a comfortable pace and flow of movement, also making time for pausing and observing the energetic effects of each new move. He is patient and kind in his teaching methods. I felt at ease in becoming familiar with each new movement, experiencing higher and higher level energies. Ben accompanies practices with words from his teacher, Michael Lomax. Ben also offers himself as a living example of what practicing the Gift of the Tao Qigong can provide in your life, and is very open and available to inquiries by his students. Most of all I appreciated Ben’s consistent reminder in asking if I am doing the practice because the rest follows. I am delighted to have Ben as a teacher of The Gift of the Tao Qigong and now embody the practice to continue on my own."