Clinical Qigong Session

- Any condition, pain or dis-function has the potential to be helped by the energy modality of Clinical Qigong 

Modalities and Techniques:
"Wei Qi Liao Fa" - Healing With External Energy
  • The main tool of the Clinical Qigong Practioner


  • The practitioner directs their own developed Qi to influence the client's energy towards a desired therapeutic goal


  • Includes both on and off-body techniques


  • Works within a complex system of Chinese energetic anatomy


  • Developed and perfected in Chinese Medical Qigong Hospitals ​


Chinese Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics
  • A highly advanced clinical method unique to the Stillness Movement Lineage style of Qigong


  • The practitioner uses their own Qi to link with the client's neuro-energetic system through the nerve synapses along the spine


  • An energetic feedback loop is formed correcting each imbalance found along the entire spine


  • This is a profound technique that can offer help with a wide range of dis-ease and dis-functions 


Tuina Bodywork - Opening the Energy Gates
  • Chinese energetic bodywork techniques


  • Tuina - means to "push" and "pull"


  • "Opening the Energy Gates" are tuina based techniques suited for the Clinical Qigong practitioner


  • These techniques work with increasing range of motion to major joints in the body such as the wrists and ankles


  • From the Qigong perspective these joints are major energy gateways of Qi flow


  • Helping to open a client's energy gates can be greatly therapeutic to their entire flow of energy and health