Clinical Qigong Testimonials

"Ben Rosen is a highly intuitive, sensitive, and talented body worker. I've experienced his work from the perspective of a client with lifetime chronic pain and as a wellness professional with 13 years experience in massage and yoga instruction. After a session with Ben my pain levels dropped dramatically and quickly and my depression subsided. I felt lighter and more peaceful. Ben is eager to keep learning and growing as a body worker and his passion shines through in his work. He is professional and pleasant to know. I am grateful for him and would recommend him to anyone."



"Due to a recent surgery I had a lot of shoulder pain. I also was under a lot of stress with school.  After the session I felt very relaxed, totally peaceful and balanced. I felt a lot lighter physically like a big weight was lifted. My pain was around a 7 to 8  and after the session I didn't feel any pain!  I've been pain free for a couple of days and only now a week later is some trace of pain returning. I had a major surgery so I figure the healing process takes time. I am very impressed though with this type of therapy and plan to return!"



"Ben did a healing on me for my lower back. My back seems to "go out" about once a year leaving me in intense pain for several days.  I would usually see a chiropractor and have had relief for a period. I recently over did it while climbing stairs the other day and my back pain was the worst I've ever experienced! I was about to schedule a whole series of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments when someone recommended I visit Ben's Qi Gong practice. The treatment was amazing! I am energy sensitive myself and could feel the old stagnant energy being removed from my lower back.  He never touched me, but I felt him replacing the energy of my old injury with new energy, almost felt like a big energy bandaid was being applied. I had more relief in that one session than any other therapy I've ever tried! All my back pain has been gone since that session and my back now feels more stable. I am so thankful for Ben's Qigong practice, he is a truly gifted practitioner. I definitely recommend this therapy to anyone with long term chronic pain and will be returning myself if I ever need future visits."