Clinical Qigong/Distance Sessions:




Student and Veteran Discount:


(Gift of the Tao Qigong students included)


(Series of 3 sessions: 10% Discount)


(Series of 6 sessions: 15% Discount)

(Series of 10 sessions: 20% Discount)


-For low income situations please inquire about my Sliding Scale Rate.

Charged per session versus per the hour


  • Clinical Qigong sessions take place within a certain "flow" of energetics.

  • Sessions will last until a definite stage of being "Done" occurs.

  • Depending on the condition being worked on, a session could be as short as 20min or last over an hour.

  • The vast majority of sessions will be just around the hour mark.

  • I will personally cut the time off at the 75min mark and recommend future visits if necessary.

  • All sessions are covered by the Promise of Relief or Refund Guarantee Policy to ensure that the client's value is always preserved.

  • If a session does end early, personal stretches and Qigong energy movements can be taught to help a client's unique needs.