Clinical Distance Testimonials

"Ben is a highly skilled qigong healer who has made a difference in my health. For the last 17 months I have suffered from Oral Allergy Syndrome/Pollen-Food Syndrome where the consumption of all raw fruit and vegetables and fermented food would lead to severe allergic reactions needing urgent medical attention. 
I had been using self Qigong practice to trigger my bodies self healing and was struggling. I had come home from the emergency room once again and Ben did a distance Clinical Qigong session. 
90% of my symptoms were gone within a couple of days (usually lasting weeks). Statistically speaking, my condition should have declined even more and would have needed to see an immunologist on a long term basis. 
In fact, writing this now, I've recovered so dramatically that I can now enjoy biting into a ripe fruit! This may sound like a little thing but for me to be able to bite into a ripe fruit again and experience every juciy bite without suffering from anaphylaxis is one of the most joyous moments I have ever experienced!!!"

-Dimitri (England)


"Ben did a long distance energetic healing on my left eye after I was diagnosed with a torn vitreous.  I was seeing flashes of light and black floaters to the left periphery.  Within the same day all the black floaters and and flashes of light disappeared! Simply amazing, hard to believe but I truly believe Ben's healing helped to repair my eye and since then no eye issues have returned."

-Ann (Texas)


"While at work I had a major episode of dizziness and nausea, felt like I was on the verge of throwing up all day. I had two more episodes until my partner made me visit the doctor, turns out I have benign paroxysmal vertigo caused by calcium deposits in my inner ear. A friend recommended this distance therapy by Ben so I gave it a shot. Almost immediately after the session my dizzy spells stopped. Since writing this I've only had one minor epsiode but nothing like I was originally experiencing. I do think Ben helped me so it was well worth the cost of the session, perhaps I'll schedule more if further episodes appear."

-Chris (Tennessee)